sipXecs XMPP Tutorial

  Configuring the account in VOP

Configuring XMPP in Voice Operator Panel (VOP) with sipXecs will let you see other users presence, send instant messages, and transfer files.

Log to the sipXecs admin web interface and select the user account you created for VOP.

Select "Instant Messaging", check "Enabled" then click on "Apply".

Now configure VOP in: Settings > XMPP

. Enter the sipXecs server host/domain in: Settings > XMPP > XMPP server host name.
. If you are using DNS SRV to resolve the sipXecs server host/domain, check: Settings > XMPP > Use DNS SRV to get XMPP server address/port.
. Enter the user ID of the sipXecs account (which is the default XMPP username) in: Settings > XMPP > XMPP user name.
. Enter the user ID again (which is the default XMPP password) in: Settings > XMPP > XMPP password.
. Since sipXecs is already doing it, uncheck: Settings > XMPP > Change XMPP status note when on the phone.

Click on Save and restart VOP.

  Populating the directory

You can now add XMPP contacts to your users in the directories by right-clicking on users and selecting: Contact > Add > XMPP

The contact icon will show the XMPP status and the status text/note will be shown next to XMPP address.

By default VOP shows the phone presence icon next to the user name in its directories and turns the name to bold when the user XMPP status is online.

If you want VOP to show the phone presence icon and the user presence icon (XMPP) at the same time, check: Settings > Account > Show user presence icon.

Once configured, you can send an instant message to a user by right-clicking on him (or its XMPP contact) and select "Send Message".

You can also send a file to a user by clicking on the up arrow icon in a message window.

When a user has a XMPP contact, VOP will automatically import his picture from the sipXecs server.

Finally you can add the special user "My Buddy" with the XMPP address "" (replace "" by your XMPP domain)

This user is a built-in sipXecs bot that will message you when you receive a voicemail or when someone enters one of your conferences.

With a subset of commands available through messaging (type "help" to get the full list of commands) you will also be able to listen to (or pickup) people leaving you a voicemail, browse your missed calls, control your conferences and more...


You have now fully configured VOP for your sipXecs server.

If you have any problem press Alt-D to show the debug window of VOP, you should be able to read the problem from there.

If not, please contact us we will gladly help you.